Inside a Scientist's Suitcase  


Inside a Scientist's Suitcase is an NSF-funded education/public outreach (EPO) project that profiles scientists and the clothes and gadgets they carry when they travel. By sharing the personal narratives of scientists from all backgrounds, the video series seeks to inspire students to explore careers in the STEM fields by providing contemporary role models.

Each video interview is edited to produce a three-minute glimpse into a scientist's life and why science is fun. The video series will be available as a YouTube channel and on this dedicated website. Further dissemination will be through teacher networks and established EPO programs such as Expanding Your Horizons.

YouTube Channel

All videos can be found at the dedicated YouTube channel or you can browse the different categories in the tabs above. Note that videos are added continuously. Enjoy!


Prof. Kim-Vy Tran (PI, Texas A&M University)
Prof. Helmut G. Katzgraber (Texas A&M University)
Prof. Jarita Holbrook (AAAS Fellow)

Production Team: TexAgs

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Inside a Scientist's Suitcase is made possible by generous support from the National Science Foundation and the Texas A&M University College of Science.